Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lego birthday party favors! Only $2.25 per kid!!

Every year I try to think of something fun (and inexpensive!) to do for my kid's birthday party. Last year I did these super labor intensive magnetic poetry kits. It was a very cost effective idea, and I do love a creative challenge, but ideally I would not be spending that much time on stuff like this. The year before I did cute, little notepads. Those were simple to make and came out really great. This year, however, I think I REALLY outdid myself with fun little Lego kits. 

We started out by going to the Lego store with the intent of creating a little creature, or robot or vehicle or something out of the Legos they had available on their wall of single, loose, bulk pieces. In no time Finn whipped up a crazy little duck-like robot. We collected enough pieces to build 10 identical creatures, one for each party guest, and managed to fit all the pieces into the larger sized bulk bucket ($15).

Using my "just-enough-to-get-by" Photoshop skills I whipped up an instruction sheet on how to build these guys and we sorted all the pieces into take-out boxes that I got at Michaels.

The take-out boxes were $3.89 (yay for 40% off coupons!) and I had a whopping bill of $3.85 from the local print shop to get the instructions and the sheet of names and eyes printed up. My total cost for these favor boxes was $22.74, divided by ten kids makes it about $2.27 per kid and the best part was that the kids loved them!