Thursday, January 2, 2014

Light Class - week one

So remember that light class I'm taking? The first week was about gathering some supplies (clamp lights, proper bulbs, etc.) and paying attention to the lighting in the photographs you see. Since I'm mostly looking on Etsy I'll post some of my favorite ones I've found there, but first let's have a laugh, shall we? Here's one of the first things I sold on Etsy back in '06

Oof. Granted, not many people had stellar photography skills (unless they were photographers) on Etsy back then, but this is rough. I don't think any part of that photo is even in focus. Over the years I got a little better, but it was always something I knew I was going to have to work harder on. Just to show I'm not a total lost cause here is another photo from recent years.

heatherjeany Sampler Pack

Since my new endeavor will be a wearable type thing I've been looking for similar things with nice lighting to use as inspiration...

Infinity Scarf by
I love how this lighting is really diffused and the scarf really pops. This is also the type of framing I was envisioning for my new pieces so that was helpful to see someone doing it like this.

 long sleeve cowl top by Treehouse28
Besides being one of my favorite clothing shops on Etsy, she's got great photos.

I'm gonna stop here and just express my surprise at how many people use mannequins in their photos, I find this so off putting! Ugh. I don't mind those dress forms, but using a mannequin just seems weird to me. I guess not everyone is lucky enough to have beautiful willing model friends (AMIRITELADIES?!?!)

Ok. Back on track.

head scarf by EcoShag
This photo is a little darker than I was hoping mine would be, but it's got a really nice natural looking light source and I think it really works well for this product.

coat by LfredsSewingShop
I don't plan on doing any photos outside, but if they did I would want them to look like this. The yellow of the leaves with the buttons and coat details? The sun in her hair? So pretty. This also looks like it was done by a real photographer since it's watermarked. Nice work Sarah Jean!

So that's it for now, in the next few days I'll post the results of my first lighting experiments. It was definitely interesting looking at Etsy and just critiquing the photos instead of just browsing products. It was such a simple exercise, but so eye opening!