Monday, December 30, 2013

sometimes things fall into place

I've been thinking a lot about changes I'm making to my business and how that will effect things in 2014, my resolutions are usually things like getting better organized, etc. My primary focus lately has been getting a better grasp on my crafty finances (especially not waiting until tax time each year to even think about it, ugh), and getting some killer photos of my new work. Because the new work will all be one of a kind I will be doing a lot of photographing and I really need a set up I can manage on my own, something simple within my limited skill set, but which produces good quality photos. When I look back on my early Etsy listings the photos are laughably bad, over the years I figured a few things out and I feel like my photos are ok, but I'm still a long way from the quality of the photos that I see on the Etsy front page every day.

So to recap: Resolution #1: crafty finances. Resolution #2: improve my photo skills.

Well friends, today some magic happened. First I noticed this class at Craftland.

More info on this class here...
I signed up immediately. Then, over on Instagram, I noticed my friend Sue of Giant Dwarf post about an 8 week online course focusing on lighting for photography!! And it's on sale, half off until tomorrow! YES! So, obviously I signed up for that too.

more info on this class here...

I'm going to start the photo class later this week, so I will post about about my progress here. So excited for 2014!