Thursday, December 5, 2013

Help, Computer

Whenever times are tough I always have my personal short-list of the funniest things on the internets. My list is probably different from yours, but I'd love to know what your top 5 are, we could probably all use some laughs. Most of mine are from my far away past of being a textile designer, which was my dream job, but as dreamy as it was the fact remained that it still was an 8-5 office job, so when we all got computers (this was long before smart phones) all hell broke loose. It's incredible that we got any work done. Anyway, without further ado, let's go.

#1 G.I. Joe PSAs

I've watched all of these SO many times and it's one of those things that I feel like will make me laugh forever. I can imagine myself as a super old lady still laughing about body massages. It was my friend Mike who first turned me on to these, way back when they were only available on the Fenslerfilm website where they were just presented as a numerical list; 001, 002, 003, etc. Now they're all over the place. THANK GOD. I'm linking to the original site 'cause it makes me happy.
Favorite line: "Porkchop sandwiches!""Help Computer"

#2 X-Entertainment Advent Calendar

I can't remember how I originally discovered the X-E website, but when I saw that they were doing a daily story based on a Playmobil advent calendar for the month of December I was hooked. I would wait anxiously every morning for that day's entry to be posted. I followed along with the story with the same insatiable hunger that I imagine was felt by 80s housewives about General Hospital. So may twists and turns! What would happen next!! Here is a link to the history of their Playmobil advent calendar, I got hooked in 2002, but 2003 (while ridiculously annoying to read) is probably the funniest.
Key Characters: Mare Winningham(s) & Mista Snowman

#3 Teen Girl Squad

Homestar Runner came to me by way of one of my college best friends, Vic. Vic was my main source of studio couch naps, super strong coffee, Tom Waits, and crazy humor. Quotes from Teen girl Squad still make their way regularly into my daily speech. 
Best quote: "ARROWED!"

#4 Drinking Out of Cups

What the fuck can I say about this. Another bit of internet madness that has imbedded itself into my way of speaking on a daily basis. It's ridiculous, it makes no sense. It's perfect. 
Favorite line: "Not my chair, not my problem."

#5 the Viking Kittens

 Rather Good was another one of those websites I spent way too much time on when I was supposed to be designing textiles. whoops. This video was eventually removed from the site, I guess for copyright, but you can still find it floating around here and there.

I've been working on this post on and off all day and have "these are a few of my fav-o-rite things" stuck in my head the whole time. Thank god Led Zeppelin was there to erase it. 

So, what are your top 5? Maybe they're newer than 2002! hahaha